invisalign baton rougeDid you know that Invisalign is the most cutting-edge, progressive orthodontic treatment system in the world?  There are other clear aligner systems, but Invisalign is totally unique and no other aligner can make the claims that Invisalign can.  There is no other system in the entire world that will fit your teeth better, and will move your teeth more accurately.

With Invisalign, you have nothing but a smooth plastic retainer in place, which is easily removable, for when you eat or drink, or just need a break.  That’s right!  No brackets or wires, or no metal parts.  There are no parts to get in the way of brushing or flossing because you totally remove the appliance.

They say that the aligners work best when they are worn 20 to 22 hours at a time.  Your doctor will get impressions of your “bite” to get your first set of aligners created, just for you.  You will have regular appointments, which will normally be about every four to six weeks or so.  Basically, each visit, you will get an updated aligner and your doctor will assess your progress.

On average, you’ll be done with the treatment in about a year, but each case is different, depending on how severely crooked your teeth are.

There are really no restrictions during your treatment, but you will need to meticulously brush and floss your teeth after each meal, and before putting the aligner back onto your teeth.

The aligners are very easy to care for.  There is even a special cleaning system available if you wish to go that route, however, the aligners can be easily cleaned by simply brushing with your toothbrush, and then rinsing in warm water.

The cost of Invisalign treatment ranges between $3,000 to $8,000.  This is all determined by how long you need treatment, whether or not you have insurance coverage, and how complex your case is.

Keep in mind we have payment plans that are flexible to fit your needs, but the best thing for you to do, calls and schedule a free consultation and discuss this with one of our experts.